Dubai Pet Club Photographer

Capturing your pets personality at our Dedicated Pet Photography Studio

Our contemporary studio pet photography sessions offer you the chance to have unique portraits of your pets whether they are furry, feathered or scaly. Our studio sessions are conducted at your pet’s own pace. We take our time to get to know them a little so that their distinct characters are captured perfectly.

We’ve designed our studio sessions to be fun, relaxed and most importantly tailored to you and your pet’s personality. Our goal is to give you an enjoyable experience with your pet and beautiful artwork to display in your home. 


The Location can be in your home, your backyard, a park, or an other location. Take into consideration what kind of distractions will be around when choosing your location. Especially if your dog gets easily distracted. Safety is my number one concern, so in most cases I will ask that your dog wear a leash in open outdoor areas. Leash removal can most often be done through the magic of Photoshop . 

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